Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January 2007

Well, this is the second blog I've started. I cannot for the life of me access the first one. And I had it set up pretty well.

December and January have been difficult. I call it my 'vague' time, and there is a lot of pain. Got dizzy today and fell out of the bathroom...ouch! I'm ok, but it is hard to move now. Having a verrry hard time remembering things and how to do things. Pretty much sucks.

I need to finish my foil swap...was due today at the swap hostess's...I fought with what I thought was foil for a month. Yesterday I wondered if it was truly foil. Looked around for the foil I bought at a Colleen Wise workshop...yep, I had been trying to foil on fabric with what must be wrapping paper! Hence 'vague' time.

Also need to finish up the borders on my Auntie Karen's christmas present quilt. Just needs the last border on two sides and the top is done and it can go to the quilter. Old Auntie needs a little piece of home with her right now.

Guess I will see how this looks!