Friday, February 1, 2008

Sewing Machine Thingee

Sorry it took me so long to get this typed up...this flu has had me down for several days! Enjoy!!

Pattern by Darla Keller

I give credit for this idea to one of my fellow Quilting Queens, Nancy S. She was making one at a recent in-town mini-retreat and I had to have one. Here's how I made it:

**Two coordinating FQs (great use of conversational fabric you bought and don't know what to do with)
**Left over batting same size as FQ (can piece small leftover pieces together)
**About 85" of 2-1/2" strips from my leftovers to coordinate with FQ (make into binding)
**Thread to match the colors in each FQ

Sandwich the 2 FQs and batting. Decide which will be the back (makes the fold-up flap piece on front). If fabric is directional print, be sure and check that the front and back fold-up piece will look the way you want it to. I prefer to fol up the longer side of the fat quarter for a couple extra inches it gives, but did it both ways. If using directional print fabric, FQ may need to be positioned differently. I didn't do anything to hold the Q sandwich together as it's so small; just smoothed out the fabric on both sides so no creases or pleats. You could iron it so they stick together well, if you are worried about it. I only did it on the first two and then skipped after that.

Quilt as desired. Use thread that matches the back in the bobbin. I did straight line quilting about every 3". Good small piece to practice free motion or a quilt pattern you are thinking about using on a quilt. However, I just wanted them done, so did the easiest thing--channel quilting.

Square up cute little FQ quilt. I just trimmed the edges so all was even; doesn't really matter what size this is once done.

Apply binding (try one of those techniques you thought sounded interesting that have been posted recently). I preferred sewing onto the front with a 1/4" seam; iron binding towards the outside edge. Apply Steam-a-Seam 2 (1/4" role) on back side right along the edge and iron binding down so it is secure. From the right side, I used my stitch-in-the-ditch foot to quilt right in the well of the binding seam. This method sews the back side of the binding down too. If you don't have S-a-S, you could use a fabric glue, to temporarily hold back of binding in place. Or, you could do that dreaded pinning technique.

Turn up about 4" of backing side to front side. Machine stitch right along the binding on both edges. Be sure to back stitch at both top and bottom of the seam. I started my line of stitching right under the binding. Place piece on your rotary mat, lined up with a cutting line. Use a marking tool and mark straight lines wherever you want your pockets to be. I found I liked a 2" channel for my scissors and other miscellaneous tools; a 1" channel about in the middle for a pen; and a 4" channel on the far left side for my quilting gloves. Do whatever works for's your "thingee". And, you're done!!

Lift up your sewing machine and put the "thingee" under it. Fill with your favorite tools. I haven't had to look for my scissors or EZ Bob all day. Yippee!!

You may 'pay it forward' and share this pattern with your friends.
Darla in St Paul, MN



OH ......... I like these. Can't wait until you get directions up - I need to make one for my machine........

Tracey in CT

Oh thank you so much! This is even easier than I imagined! I definitely need (at least) one of these. They would be great gifts for a quilt guild grab bag or a retreat gift.
I'll post a picture when I get finished!


Wow, thank you so much. I need to make some of these. Come visit my blog for my latest giveaway.


Oh how awesome! I am going to make one of these for myself! Thank you so much!


I'd seen something similiar before...thanks for sharing some directions! Noticed your Pfaff 2144 too :-) I've got 2170.


Great Idea. Turn it the other way and it would be the perfect size for the serger to catch the trimmings if you only sew the ends and your serger doesn't have a catch basin.

Vickie G.
West Chester, PA


Thank you so much. I was looking everywhere for this pattern!