Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Quilts!

Here are pictures of some quilts I've finished lately!

Friday, May 28, 2010

More Finishes!

My sister Francie, our friend Deana and I made these quilts for some ladies in my DDs church who just needed hugs. I think they came out beautiful and the ladies seemed to enjoy them!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Quilts for Slain Officer's Families

My sister Francie, and my friend Deana made 14 quilts for the slain police officer son-in-law, a minister in Parkland WA will deliver them on Monday. Hopefully, the families of these police officers will know we have not forgotten what has been taken from them.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gone...and probably forgotten!

I came to visit my blog today...had not realized it had been SO long since I posted....I've missed us! LOL.
Spent most of December in Hawaii with my kids (they moved to Oahu). The picture is of me and Keiki-lani sitting on old lava flow at the volcano on the Big Island. We were there for a week. What a wonderful vacation...Russ and I agreed it was the best ever!! It was so great to see the kids and catch up on their lives. Keiki has grown so very much and is almost 5'10" tall!! She is very alive and smart.
Russ and I have decided on a 5 year plan to retire to live in Kona on the Big Island. We are paying off all bills and will sell the house and most of the furnishings and buy a place is time to think of us and where we want to live out our golden years...hopefully that doesn't mean we will just pee our
Quilting....haven't done a whole lot since returning home...finished binding these 2 quilts for my sis:

Francie makes the cutest quilts...just happy quilts! The large one is for my grandaughter Rheaya Anne and the small one is for Rheaya and/or Malia (Francie's grandaughter) to use for their nap times.
I am going to finish up a birthday block for Gayle on Loose Threads today and will then work on putting together blocks for my sister for a quilt from the Loose Threads ladies. Been sitting on this WAAAAY too
Russ and I bought all kinds of junk food yesterday so we can watch the Super Bowl, I can sew and we can graze all day and evening. Have a great day...I promise to be back more often now!