Saturday, October 18, 2008

Several Finishes

Yesterday I finished the binding on the last of the 4 quilts Francie brought to me...and bound the runners for her and Old Auntie for Christmas. Yeah!!! Also finished my greedy gift for retreat, a Christmas wall hanging.

This is the Christmas wall hanging, "Christmas Pines".

This is Old Aunties Christmas present...hope she likes it!

This is Francie's...and I know she likes it, cause I showed it to her!

This is a fall runner I made and put on my Etsy store to sell...probably won't sell far only 2 postcards have sold.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Quilts, Quilts, Quilts

I have been working like a speed demon making quilted Christmas presents. So far I have 2 table runners and 1 (6) set placemats for my son and daughter-in-law; 1 (4) set placemats and 2 quilts for daughter #1 and husband; 5 sets (4) Christmas placemats for Russ's staff and boss, and 2 runners for my sister and auntie ready to quilt. Francie (sis) dropped 4 quilts off yesterday for me to bind...and I have one quilt of mine that Francie sandwiched and I need to quilt. Whew!!!

I started an Etsy store for some postcards, cup sleeves and a couple of runners. So far I have sold 1 postcard...hopefully business will pick up. LOL. :):)

Russ and I weighed in last week and he is down almost 20 lbs, and I'm down 53 lbs. Tried to get a new picture, but both looked like I ate small children for snacks! :)