Saturday, January 26, 2008


Boy I sure do have trouble blogging. I wanted the banner picture (above) to go all the way across the page...but of course it didn't, and I have no idea how to fix it. But I still like it, so won't delete it yet. Maybe someone out there in blogland will know how to fix it and tell me!

Sent the Carolina Crossroads mystery quilt to the longarm quilters this week. Can't wait to get it back and see it. I've never made a quilt with so many pieces...little pieces. LOL. Was very pleased with how it turned out. Also sent the pink hugs quilt I made for my daughter-in-law, Theresa. About time!

Made 8 pincushions yesterday...sent them home with my DGDs to stuff, then I will add vintage buttons and beads to the tops. They are just 4 patch tops, but I used Decadent Victorian fabrics and they sure are pretty. My goal is to make 20 to take to retreat in for every person. Would also like to make some sewing machine thingees (you sit your sewing machine on them and can store stuff in the pockets) for the ladies. They are really easy to make and take just 2 fat quarters...heaven knows, I have enough


Sweet P

I don't have an answer on your header question, but I like it the way it is.

Your pincushions sound like wonderful gifts and how great to have help stuffing them.

Tracey in CT

I have no idea about the header.
The pincushion idea is a fabulous one, I decided a while ago that I want to do the same thing for the retreat I'm going on in May. I guess I should get to work soon!!

Where is there a pattern for the thing that goes under your machine? I've seen pictures of them on several blogs, and would love to make one for myself.


I love your mystery quilt. The colors are very pretty.


Your Caarolina Crossroads is gorgous :)

Patchwork Penguin

I had to take my picture, crop a piece of it, and then stretch it till it fit.

Hope this helps,