Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bailey & Molly

Bailey and Molly are our beagles...they came from the Cascade Beagle Rescue in Portland. Her prior owner was a breeder...he bred her until she couldn't get pregnant again, then put her in the back yard and fed and watered her whenever. When we adopted Molly, we had hoped her pain would was not to be so. We have only had Molly for 2 weeks...yesterday she went in for major surgery. She had a hernia repair done prior to our adopting her...I think her vet pretty much botched it. It was so bad our vet had to ask another vet to scrub and help her so Molly wouldn't be under anesthesia quite so long. She is fine now and back home with us, but must stay in a crate for 2 weeks to keep her down so she doesn't damage the site. She is so very sweet and good natured...she deserved so much more than she got. When I look at her in the crate, my heart aches. Bailey is on the left and Molly on the right.


Patchwork Penguin

I love beagles!!!!! They look at you with those big brown eyes and I just melt. If my husband was more of a dog person I think we would have one. Give them both a hug and a squeeze for me please.


It makes me so angry that so many people are so callous towards their animals. We have rescued cats and they need so much love and care to help deal with the traumas they have been through. Lots of luck with Molly and Bailey - I'm sure that the love you give them will be returned threefold in due course.


A Philosopher wrote "Don't ask if animals have souls, ask if they can feel pain." My heart goes out to your loved furry family member, and I will keep her in my prayers.


Those "breeders" that do things like what was done to Molly really need to be held accountable! She looks like an adorable dog and is so lucky you adopted her!


I hope Molly is doing better. I hate it when animals are abused. I know my dogs give me unconditional love, I can't imagine people being so cruel....Keep us updated on how she's doing, please....Quilty hugs, Linda


I wish Molly a speedy recovery!


Can you tell us how Molly is doing? I've been wondering about her, please update us...hugs, Linda