Saturday, June 6, 2009


The Creative Director of a new site for sewers, called SEWN. Exciting right? I KNOW. The website will have just about everything you can think of that you would want online as a sewer. There are forums, online advice from industry experts, conversion charts, color wheels, free patterns and class listings.

There will be interviews with all your favorite designers, quilters, patterns makers and authors. There will be tutorials with sewers from here and overseas, podcasts and coverage from shows and articles about all manner of exciting things.

There is a new blog for quilters! Best of all, there are great unique gadgets - Fabricmatcher, which is an online tool which lets you match patterns to fabrics and see what your project will look like without sewing a stitch, and Find Fabric, which is the niftiest thing that will find the fabric you are looking for without you having to search for it for hours on the internet. It's so clever it even searches shops in your vicinity first to save you on international postage. How cool is that?

Plus there will be an online buy and sell area called SEWiNg, which is where you can sell the stuff you sew to the people out there who don't sew - and some of the ones who do :)

Just click on the SEWN button on the left to go this great site. Once there, you can sign up for their giveaway.

To celebrate the SEWN Launch Party, I am giving away 2 handmade postcards and 2 handmade coffee cozies! These are made from my hand dyed fabrics and embellished. Leave me a comment and I will choose a winner on Monday 8 June 2009.

I will close the comments at 4 PM today (Monday 8 June) and draw the winner then...Good Luck!! Sorry it took so long to get a pic posted of the prizes...blogger was NOT being cooperative. LOL



Wow, the first post on a give-away. Hope that's good luck! Thanks for offering a great giveaway, the Sewn site has let me find a lot of great blogs already, and its not even up yet!

La Gitan Mystique

You have no idea how happy I'll be if I'm the lucky winner of your handmade postcards and coffee cozies! I need a coffee cozie terribly. These days the coffee cups are so thin and so hot to hold. I've never seen a coffee cozie, in fact I didn't even know they existed until recently. (I know, sad isn't it?)

What a wonderful giveaway you are holding. Please sign me up. BTW- I love your background. I have two family members who love "all things cupcake."

Thanks for the chance to win your great handmade treasures.



Oh my you have some lovely quilts on your blog. I am new to quilting and I get so inspired when i see other people work and yours rocks. thanks for participating, too kind!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Great blog and great give aways. I have lots of people to send postcards to, but would probably keep special handmade ones.


I would love to win your coffee cozies and postcards. Love your blog. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


Great blog! Thanks for the giveaway!


Thanks for giveaway

Liz B.

How very generous of you! You do lovely work and I would be thrilled to win your giveaway prize. Thanks for the chance at winning.

free indeed

Hah! I've been wanting to make myself a coffee cozy and have been putting it maybe I could win one for me and one for my daughter!!! I haven't tried postcards yet. I'm afraid they'll take over all my time if I start! Ones I've seen are so cool!


Wow, you are one busy lady! I would love to win your postcards to send to far-off friends (or probably just frame and keep!) and coffee cozies to dress up those dreary take-out coffee cups! Thanks for the giveaway!



Love your blog and your stuff...would love to win too!

Happy Cottage Quilter

Wow what a great giveaway. I really need a coffee cozie :-) I love the fabric postcards. I will have to try to make one. Thanks for joining SEWN.


It sounds like a fabulous site doesnt it! ;) I would love to win as I don't have a coffee cosie yet :)


I can't wait for Sewn to go live.
bryghtrose at gmail dot com

A Joyful Chaos

Thanks for having a giveaway. I would love to win.


Party time and presents. Thanks for your giveaway. I do love the cupcake background. It makes me want one now.

Stephanie and Carlos

Yay coffee cozies are the best for winter... they look like they should make everything really really wrm and snuggly... we're having a sewn give away quick

xo Steph

So Bella

Ooohhh I NEED a coffee cozy! Thanks for the chance to win!


I'd love to be in on your drawing!

Karen G.


doesn't want to miss your sweet giveaway!
Tq for a chance.


Thanks for this giveaway! I would love a coffee cozy, or even better, two, as my husband always insists on sitting down to have his takeaway coffee because the cups are too thin and finicky. Bet he wouldn't say that if we had coffe cozies!


thanks so much for the chance!

esther (it means star)

I love the idea of a coffee cozie! Please enter me in your giveaway.


Got to love a good coffee cozy to pretty up all that coffee that I drink!!


Ooh, hand dyed fabrics?! Thanks for the chance to win, I'd keep one cozy and give the other to my mom!

Digital Misfit

Your blog is beautiful!
My sister just stole my favorite coffee cozy, so I would LOVE to win a gorgeous new one!

For the Keeper at Home

Wow! What a nice giveaway...I'd love to win!
Thank you!
Mrs B


HEY Girlfriend! This is very cool. I love finding new blogs and there are so many here I haven't seen yet. Ohh, how much fun am I going to have. Hugs, Judy

Rafael's Mum

Hi ! coffee cosies... now that sounds like the same as mug cosies ? a mini quilt around a mug ? I would be interested to have one of those ! Thanks for taking part in the giveaway.


Thanks so much for the chance to win these great prizes!

isabel f.

wow!! lovely giveaway!!
count me in, please!!
hugs Isabel


I would love to win!


Gee this is FUN !!! Please, pick me! ; ) GO SEWN!!!


Great giveaway! Hope I win :-) I'm really excited about the new SEWN site! Another great way to connect with other crafters and quilters. Woot!


How nice is that - and I am so excited about SEWN!


would love to win your giveaway- thanks for the chance


thanks for the giveaway