Tuesday, October 16, 2007

One More Time is try number 2 Tree of Life. I know it's not very good...but I'm trying. Do you think it needs something?, possibly...just not sure what. Anybody got some ideas?

Ok Jane gave me these pointers:

Ah, a tree of life. Wonderful! Delightful in pink. Here's what I think it needs. The leaves are too perfectly distributed. They need to be more random. Your tree needs a 'ground.' I'd stitch one, using vertical stitches like grass, and have them go across the bottom in a horizontal-ish line, and make sure you sew over the tree trunk, like the grass would be in front of the tree. And lastly, you need a focal point. I see a spot on one of your branches that's a bit empty and would welcome a bird? or a butterfly or a cat sitting in the tree? Draw some things on tissue paper, and put them on the stop to see how they look and the size relationship. And keep us posted!!

And this from Brooks:

I was just looking at your lovely pink tree thinking as Jane does, that it needs something in it or on it...perhaps a squirrel or an owl living in a big knot in the main trunk..could have trailing vines to pull it together...such fun..maybe we could get together with my pink elephants..(the only colors of wool felt locally were pink, periwinkle and deep purple... a little limiting!..Will look forward to seeing what you do..Brooks

Now to figure out what to do...I'm NOT good at drawing things...but should be able to do the grass with stitching. More mulling!