Saturday, October 13, 2007

Stuf & Things

Well, I finished up the quilt to the left...just need to add a backing and bind. It came out pretty cool...will post a pic when it is completely finished.

I'm scaring myself...signed up for 6 swaps...I haven't done any swaps in more than a year and guess I've been missing them. Here they are:

1. 10 signature blocks for Loose Threads....done, just need to sign.
2. Chicken block swap for The Hen House list...not sure how many I will make...possible 6.
3. 2 postcard swaps for my Fiber Art pink and one with coffee or tea...need to get some ideas for these.
4. 1 Journal sized quiltlet for DyeHard Surfacing. I need to send materials for a quiltlet to a partner and someone will send materials to me. Then you make a small quilt and keep it for yourself. This will be fun.
5. This one is a biggie...for DyeHard Surfacing. It will emcompass 2008. Every month you use a technique on a quilt top, i.e. angelina, discharge, fibers/yarn, foils, metal, paintsticks, sheers, silk fusion (I have no idea on this one...never done it), and tyvek or lutrador. As you finish each technique you sign off on a data base and at the end of the year you post a picture of your finished quilt with all the techniques listed above...pretty fun! I'm not sure why all of a sudden this has hit me...just know I want to play! I haven't even played at all for soooo long.

I've even been thinking about signing up for a pay it forward challenge...still mulling on that one...don't want to disappoint anyone. Not real sure what I would send, if I choose to do this. More mulling is required.

Been working on my second week assignment for the Joggles class (see photo above for 1st week project). It is utilizing wool felt...this is NOT my idea of is a picture of what I've done so far. They are supposed to be onions and gourds. Pretty sad huh?! Won't hand sew them down...will sew by machine and use pretty colored threads. I don't think wool felt is my choice of techniques...not sure why...just know I don't enjoy it.


Plain Jane

Sorry you're not enjoying the felt, maybe you'll like it more when you start stitching on it? Explorations, is the key word in Art Quilt Explorations! Can't wait to see your finished landscape.