Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Someday quilt

On my Stashbuster list someone started this thread:

I sat down and made a list of the top 4 quilts I want to
make "someday". I then decided that 2008 will be the year to make at
least one of the quilts on this list (maybe two, because one of them
will make a good leaders and enders quilt). What are your "someday"
quilts, and what is holding you back from making them? Here are my top
5, and the reasons I haven't attempted them yet.
1. Irish Chain-single, double, triple? scrappy? Scrappy, triple chain,
my new leaders and enders project.
2. Lone Star Quilt-those 60 degree angles are something I need to work
on before attempting this.
3. New York Beauty-just seems daunting-color wise.
4. North Carolina Lily-This is what I am going to do in '08 in
traditional reds and greens.
My list does not include all the patterns I have collected over the
years, or all the quilts I want to make, just ones I dream of
having "someday".

This is my list of someday quilts.

1. Dear Jane quilt...terribly scary...tiny little blocks. I have all the fabrics for all blocks...but scared to start. Also have the book...still wondering if I need the software...but really want to piece it by hand.
2. New York many points!
3. A quilt made from my hand dyes and black. Just never started it.
4. My husband's quilt...have had the fabrics for 2 years.

I believe number 4 will be a definite start in 2008...closely followed by my Dear Jane. I can make a few blocks and just keep block at a time.

How about you?



I have so many "someday" quilts, LOL.

I also want to do a Dear Jane, or maybe a Quilted Diamonds.

I have never had any desire to do a Lone Star, though.


Tamera, I had a terrible time trying to narrow it down to 4. Doing it this way seems to make it more 'doable'!.



I've never tried a Lone Star. My DH ordered my software for Dear Jane! Can't wait!!



I would love to do a New York Beauty one day as well -- but I have a terrible time with Foundation piecing. I am doing a Dear Jane and I recommend getting the software. I print out the pattern pieces on printer freezer paper. Much easier then tracing them out by hand.


Hi - I am doing a Dear Jane - and I had the same problem with starting - my advice: just do it - start with one easy block - the Dear Jane site has lots of hints and tips on how to make each block and if you join the DJ list - the girls are wonderfully helpful. This is a long term project though - unless you are obsessive like me - LOL. Good luck. Jane