Saturday, October 6, 2007

Self Satisfied!

This has been a very productive week. I ripped out the mistakes on my pink quilt top and repaired it. Went to the quilt store today and bought border and backing for it. Will post a pic of the flimsy after the borders go on. Finished the quilt top pictured below...and dropped it off today at my long arm quilter. Finished up the bindings on 2 embroidered baby quilts my mother had done and even gave one to Rheaya. The other one is in the cupboard awaiting my first greatgrandchild (this will be many, many years yet). Hand sewed the binding down on a quilt that has my first swap blocks in it (dated 1999). Today I shopped my stash and found backing for the table runner I pieced at retreat last month. It is now sandwiched and awaits machine quilting. Melissa saw the top and loved the colors (will post a pic when it is done), so the runner will go to her. It is her colors.

Went to a Navy retirement ceremony on Thursday. LCDR Mike Cherry retired after 31 years of honorable duty. Mike and his wife Deana are dear friends and our friendship spans the last 12 years. We used to play cards on Friday nights and have a great time...this tradition will start again now that Mike is back home. At the retirement there were many people we worked with at Subase Bangor PSA, including one Commanding Officer and one genuine American hero (he is a recipient of the Bronze AND Silver Star Medals). I was really, really nervous about going and seeing all these people. When they knew me I was much younger (how can that be? it was just 12 years ago), and pretty, and much, much thinner. But they were all so very wonderful and we all had a tear in our eyes at being together again. My grandchildren, Caleb 13, Emily 11, and Abigail 7 went with us. Their Dad (a minister) was the Chaplain in the ceremony. They found it astounding that their Grandma was so very well known. All of the officers told them they had worked for me and that they checked in every am to get their orders for the day! My grandkids were amazed. Mike seated Russ (DH) and I in the front row along side his family...and he said such wonderful things about made me cry. A wonderful time was had by all!