Friday, August 31, 2007

Bleeding Fabric

I bought some Thimbleberries deep red fabric at my LQS this week. Got it for the border on my sister's quilt. Yesterday I cut it and was sewing the top together (also used the red for corner stone squares in the sashing) when I noticed red on my hands. It washed off easily, but I can't believe $9+ a yard fabric would do this. I will take a picture of it when DH changes the batteries in my camera. Guess when I wash the quilt, I will add a couple of dye magnets and some synthrapol. This truly irritates me. I know there are 2 schools of thought on the whole wash/not wash fabrics, but I really believe that, hand dyes aside, top quality fabrics should NOT run. They should be color fast. Silly me.

I sent an email to Lynette Jensen about this fabric and today I received an answer. She was very nice and has forwarded my email to the president of RJR fabrics and has requested a piece of my fabric. I will send it next week after we get home from San Diego. I am very pleased that Lynette took the time to answer my email.

I have also received an email from RJR Fabrics requesting sample pieces. Will get these in the mail tomorrow. I sure am glad they are taking this to heart.