Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Well, sure glad we had a flu shot...cause I had the flu yesterday. Thank heavens it only lasted a day. Must thank DGD for sharing! LOL.

Another laughter is the best medicine. Yesterday I had the to set the stage...DH made me a piece of unbuttered toast and cut it into 4 squares, put it on a plate on a table next to my chair. DH went back to work. My sister (we are having issues) came in right after he left demanding to get to the bottom of the issues. My reply, I'm sick go home. I said this for 30 minutes. She finally left. I reached for my toast and ate one square...put the plate back and promptly felt sick. Went into our bathroom and sat on the pot...felt sick to my stomach so picked up the trash can (I put plastic bags in them) and vomited. Then got a blast of cat urine (DH had cleaned out the cat box and neglected to take out the bag), that smell caused me to vomit again, then that smell caused me to vomit again...OMG, what a connumdrum. Finally got it under control and cleaned myself up and went back to my chair. Reached for the plate of toast when our rescue beagle Bailey got to it before me. I started crying and couldn't stop. Called DH at work (still sobbing) and proceeded to tell him of my rotten time. I COULD HEAR HIM LAUGHING!!! I sobbed for another 5 minutes and finally got it out of my system, so hung up the phone. Sure glad he loves me.

Today I feel great and will get into the sewing room for sure. DH is going out to see a horse that he and a coworker may buy together...hope it works out for him, he rarely asks for anything.

We are going to San Diego at the end of the month...Russ (DH) is going to participate in the Trieste II DSV reunion and I will spend much time with DD in Lakeside. We are planning a trip to Quilt in a Day and Rosie's which always have great things.